Fotball Superstars

Fotball Superstars

Nov 16, 2010

  • Sumo

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Football Superstars is the first and only Virtual Football World. An entire online football game designed by football fans exclusively for football fans, where you can enjoy a FREE to play massively multiplayer experience on your PC.

Play with friends, create your own team and represent your country in the FS World Cup.

Football Superstars features fully motion-captured animation, immersive game play both on and off the pitch, 3D positional audio and voice over IP (VOIP). Unlike traditional football games, you control one player rather than an entire team. All players on the pitch are human with the exception of the goal keepers which, for launch, are controlled by the game’s A.I. This makes for a truly unique gameplay experience where teamwork and individual skill are rewarded in equal measures.

Boasting revolutionary game-play based around the skill progression of the individual, Football Superstars sets itself apart from other football games, as when players aren’t on the pitch earning their virtual salary, they are in a deep lifestyle world spending it! Visit bars, restaurants, gyms and nightclubs as you make your make your player fitter, more famous and ultimately an International Superstar!

With hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world already making their mark, it is time for you to get your boots on and take the virtual football world by storm!

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