Nov 17, 2010

  • Sumo

Duty calls! Enlist today and become a space pilot. Explore dangerous galaxies far, far away and win interstellar battles in DarkOrbit! DarkOrbit has achieved cult status among space games:  Millions of players roam the galaxies looking for raw materials with their guns armed and ready for battle.
Explore the infinite expanses of outer space in one of the best browser-based, action-packed space shooters ever made. Fly into the face of danger and go where nobody has ever gone before – either on your own or with others. Set a course to discover new galaxies and new lifeforms. Join one of the three DarkOrbit companies in their struggle to gain control over the universe. Gear up for battle and fight to the bitter end to gain wealth and power in this browser game. Stock up your ship and transform it from a simple Starjet to the universe’s most feared battlecruiser: Fulfill your destiny!

Game Story
During the third century, Earth witnessed massive upheaval. Not only did the climate change drastically, but the very nature of the planet was slowly and inexorably altered. Human civilization had developed between two ice ages and reached its golden age during this warmer period in the Earth’s climate. But the dramatic change in climate forced mankind to seek out new habitats. Naturally their gaze turned to the stars. In outer space they found a large abundance of raw materials and were able to establish colonies on planets far, far away, adapting quickly to the alien conditions. There followed a time of prosperity.

In the end, human nature prevailed: Peace was threatened by the formation of three large companies that fought for control of the universe’s resources. These three mighty companies have been waging war in outer space for centuries now. The stories you heard growing up inspired you to enroll in the Space Academy and do your bit to end this war. Exploring unknown galaxies and discovering strange space phenomena is what you’ve always wanted to do. Now that you’ve graduated, you can fulfill your dreams and join a company. Serve your company well and fight bravely for power, energy and resources. The fate of the universe rests in your hands!

Game Features:
  • 3 companies fight for control over the universe
  • Complex quests for newbies and pros
  • 10 individual configurable spaceships
  • Unlimited supply of weapons, ammo and equipment
  • Chance to win $10,000 every month!
Game Requierments:
  • Pentium© III 1.6 GHz or (Mac OSX) compatible computer
  • 256 MB RAM minimum, 512 MB or more recommended
  • 16 MB graphics card minimum, 32 MB or greater recommended
  • Adobe/Macromedia Flash player version or higher
  • Optimized for: Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher) and Firefox (version 2 and higher)

Official website: www.darkorbit.com

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  1. :)) It’s not Dark, it’s light and cool 🙂

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