Nov 17, 2010

  • Sumo

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Cross the bounding main and earn your sea legs. Cast off for adventure and conquer the Seven Seas!

Capture, plunder and pillage – nobody’s safe from you. Navigate the Seafight seas, compete in multiplayer battles and unite with your allies to form powerful pirate fleets. Aye, aye, cap’n: It’s time to set sail!

Seafight Story:

Your whole life had been plagued by misfortune. One day at dawn, fed up with your lot, you packed your worldly possessions into a pitifully small bundle and strode down to the harbor to sign on to a ship. As you cast off with your new mates, you dared to hope that you were leaving your miserable existence behind you, and that your life as a sailor would turn out brighter.

But fate had other plans in store for you…

The pirates attacked just as you were coming out of the bay. “Arm the cannons!”, you yelled, but it was already too late…

The first cannonball sheared the main-mast right off, and after that it was every man for himself. The next blast ripped through the hull and as the shuddering ship began to take on water you felt a huge weight crash down upon your head. And then there was only darkness.

The pirates knew no mercy, and they left no survivors – save for yourself. When you came to, you were lying amongst the rubble on deck, bleeding profusely from a head wound. The ship did not seem dangerously low, and you were alive.

As the days passed, you began to take stock of your situation. As the only surviving crew member, you had just been promoted to captain. Your past still loomed menacingly on the familiar shores of your homeland, so you bailed the hull, fixed the mast, and set a course for adventure.

Now you’re your own master, ready to affront a brave new world, get a crew together, and make a name for yourself as a fearsome menace on the seven-seas of Seafight!

Game Features:
  • Over 50 sea charts with 4 different designs including arctic, tropical and lava themes
  • Constant creation of new levels packed full with quests and missions
  • More than 100 ship designs, many items, weapons, pirates and assistants
  • Numerous NPCs and millions of real opponents from across the globe
  • Over 30,000 guilds
Game Requierments:
  • Pentium© III 1.6 GHz or (Mac OSX) compatible computer
  • 256 MB RAM minimum, 512 MB or more recommended
  • 16 MB graphics card minimum, 32 MB or greater recommended
  • Adobe/Macromedia Flash player version or higher
  • Optimized for: Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher) and Firefox (version 2 and higher)

Seafight official website:

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