Virgo Galaxy

Virgo Galaxy

Nov 18, 2010

  • Sumo
Become the ultimate Space Warrior and bring balance to all forces in Virgo Galaxy
Prove your a skillful Space Warrior by completing missions, quests and fighting in simple PvP combats. The action is set to take place in a spiral galaxy named Virgo, home of at least 2000 planets divided in four star clusters named Zemia, Maruce, Atherio and Nausaari. There are also three dominating races in the Virgo Galaxy, that for centuries have been fighting to get more resources and to extend their influence areas.

Virgo Galaxy review:
When it comes to space battles, Virgo is the place where I’d like to be. Virgo, as in Virgo Galaxy, a new and immersive browser based MMO. It offers the chance to take part in an epic galactic journey, and while doing so interacting with four different game modules and fighting with a community of space warriors.

That being said it worth looking more carefully into these four modules and the customization options. The biggest choice you have here is selecting to be part of one of the three races, which can be swiftly described as the humans, the robots, and the aliens. But what I like about Virgo Galaxy is the feeling that naming one of the races “aliens” is highly subjective; you are in a distant galaxy where everything is fascinatingly strange and exotic. All of the four different star clusters in Virgo, and the 20 conquerable planets within the clusters, are alien in the beautiful sense of the word. That goes for the three races as well, and it all creates a very rich and interesting game environment that is sure to fire up your imagination. For instance, take the time to have a longer look at how each of those planets look like – you could find a story going on right there.

Going back to those game modules, three of them could be described as focusing around the idea of combat as a way of social interaction. The fourth one is a completely solo experience, and will carry you trough a catchy Sci-Fi story. The player is given complete freedom in fiddling with each of the modules as he wants. He may either complete one of the missions and find out what twist unfolds in the story, explore the galaxy and conquer some alien planets, or simply “chill out” in a friendly fight with your friends. There’s plenty of stuff to be done, and I haven’t even mentioned the tournaments and the wealth of decorations and trophies to be won.

With all of these options unlocked from the very beginning, joining Virgo Galaxy feels like you were just born in a whole different world, that’s yours for taking. All you have to do is go out and fight for it!

Virgo Galaxy features:

  • Three different character types, each one with its specific looks.
  • Players can create and manage their own competitions.
  • Different stories depending on the type of your character.
  • More than 20 spacecrafts, each one with its unique attributes.
  • In game progress is divided into four different episodes.
Virgo Galaxy requirements:
  • No download needed!
  • Browser game
  • Recommended resolution: 1024×768 px
  • Optimized for: Firefox, Chrome

Official website: here

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