Space Conquer

Space Conquer

Nov 19, 2010

  • Sumo

Free online space strategy game
SpaceConquer is the first browser-based game to combine ground and Space strategy. Build your base on one of the galaxy’s uninhabited planets, develop R&D teams to exploit its natural resources, and train ground troops to colonize the vast continents of your new world. Eventually you’ll be ready to build spaceships of your own to explore and colonize the other planets in your solar system. The future is yours!
Space Conquer Features
Fight on ground and in space
Conquer areas on your planet and/or on other planets
Native management of Pacts
Live management of your fight (from a certain level)
Grouped attacks with the troops of your allies
Space Conquer Screenshots

Space Conquer

Space Conquer Requirements

PC or Mac
Internet connexion
Play Space Conquer HERE

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