Nov 19, 2010

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Summon the powers of white or black magic and become the greatest sorcerer to ever walk the earth! Pull out your bag of trading tricks and let your “Mad Eye” guide you own your journeys.

Protect and defend the holy artifacts with your life. Fight side by side with your fellow warriors. An amazing adventure awaits you, oh mighty magician!
Xhodon review:

Xhodon is your gate into a magical world full of power, magic and adventure. Collect precious items and protect magic artefacts in your guild. Let your Magician meditate and send your Heroes out on the hunt all over the land. Fight against Sentinels and raid their myriad treasures.

Over 2.400 items are waiting to be directed and used by your power. Your Unicorn Carts are at your disposal to perform your trading and your Stone Throwing Mountain Trolls are awaiting your commands to move into the next battle. Find your fortune as a merchant or a canny diplomat. Xhodon actively encourages the community through a shared exchange of pearls, an individual profile, a sophisticated guild system and much much more.

The well thought-out battle system and the newbie protection guarantee that even small and new players can have a ball. If you are in place one of your league at the end of the month, you can adorn yourself with an award in your profile. With its innovative conjuration system Xhodon presents the incredible opportunity for you to determine the point in time when you want your building activities to be complete.

Xhodon Features:
  • Pick a side: Good or evil
  • One-of-a-kind enchantment system
  • Create your own personal magician
  • Uncover holy artifacts and collect powerful items
  • Browser game of the Year 2007
Xhodon requirements:
  • PentiumĀ© III 1.6 GHz or (Mac OSX) compatible computer
  • 256 MB RAM minimum, 512 MB or more recommended
  • 16 MB graphics card minimum, 32 MB or greater recommended
  • Adobe/Macromedia Flash player version or higher
  • Optimized for: Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher) and Firefox (version 2 and higher)

Xhodon official website: here

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