Wanted: Fan Immersion Game

Wanted: Fan Immersion Game

Nov 22, 2010

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wanted 1 261x300 Wanted: Fan Immersion Game

Pick your target and take the first shot! Work your way up to become the world’s most lethal and respected assassin. To get to the top, you’ll need cunning tactics and nerves of steel. The Fraternity determines the rules. Survive exciting missions bestowed upon you by the Loom of Fate.
Wanted Features
The official game based on the blockbuster movie
Over 50 pieces of equipment
Elaborate ranking system
Authentic location scenery
A total of US$ 1,000 in prize money and many game credits to be won
Wanted Screenshots
wanted 2 261x300 Wanted: Fan Immersion Game

wanted 3 300x258 Wanted: Fan Immersion Game

wanted 41 300x281 Wanted: Fan Immersion Game
Wanted Requirements
Pentium© III 1.6 GHz or (Mac OSX) compatible computer
256 MB RAM minimum, 512 MB or more recommended
16 MB graphics card minimum, 32 MB or greater recommended
Adobe/Macromedia Flash player version or higher
Optimized for: Internet Explorer (version 6 and higher) and Firefox (version 2 and higher)

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