Oil Empire

Oil Empire

Nov 23, 2010

  • Sumo

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Oil Empire
Create your own giant empire of oil
Oil Empire is a Remake of the famous strategic-game – extended with many additional values. The Online-Game includes various action fields to boost the fun and keep the disport in the game. These are for example the production of the raw material “oil”, the research of processing techniques for the production of fuels, secret service activities to spy on the rivals, share transactions within the commodity market as well as the competition to the assumption of scarce resources and even sabotage.
Oil Empire Features
construction of buildings and equipment to optimize production process
research into more efficient extraction and refinement
extensive set of management features
share transactions in the stock market
espionage, sabotage, various quests, production of goods
Oil Empire Screenshots

Oil Empire Requirements
Pentium© III 1.6 GHz or (Mac OSX) compatible computer
16 MB graphics card minimum, 32 MB graphics card or greater recommended
256 MB RAM minimum, 512 MB RAM or more recommended
Adobe/Macromedia Flash player version or higher

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