Legends of Xian

Legends of Xian

Nov 25, 2010

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China legends of xian is the hottest webgame in 2010, a perfect combination of RPG, strategy, adventure and various modes. Based on history of the legends of xian, the entire game features vintage character design, vast territory of ancient China, diversified game systems, and unique game setting. Legends of the China legends of xian are all up to you!

Legends of Xian  Features

This is a role playing game combined with war strategies. You’ll have fun in heroic adventure, affairs management, level upgrade, and unforgettable battles; you’ll be impressed and cheered up by profound historical events, diversified equipments & a huge weapon refining system, an interesting slave system, an exciting arena system, and magnificent in-game pictures.

1.2.1 Various fighting modes

PvP: In China legends of xian, PvP is a good way to demonstrate your power and win respect among fellow players.
Siege: You can siege other players in order to seize resources and show how powerful you are.
CvC: Join a clan and fight with your fellow players. In China legends of xian, a clan is not just a small community, but also a promise of mutual protection!
State War: In state wars, you’ll fight with players from the same state, to occupy enemy cities, expand territory of your state, and win supreme honor!

1.2.2 Plentiful quests
Main quest: Hongwu dominates south China, Yongle rules central China, and Wanli rises in northwest China. It’s an era of chaos. How did they clean up forces of the Yuan? How did they build an empire? When other races rose and showed threat to the Ming, how did the Great Ming clean up all rebels? How did the Great Ming beat Oirat, Tartar, Nuchen, Japanese pirates, and Dutch army? In the main quests, you can find all the answers?
Side quests: In the side quests, you’ll find picturesque landscape, local traditions and profound culture of the Great Ming.
Circular quests: They contain routine quests and spy quests. They help increase your Exp, coins, silver, resources and valor points.
Instance quests: In China legends of xian, challenging Jiayu Pass is an instance quest that attracts all players. In Jiayu Pass, you’ll get a strong sense of achievement, as well as lavish awards like equipments, sets, gems, coins, resources, Socket Spell, GP Spell, etc.

1.2.3 A variety of items
In China legends of xian, a variety of items (such as Resource Spell, Return Scroll, Tablet of Truce, Draft Spell, and Tablet of Valor) are useful for wars and affairs management.
Besides, you’ll meet various kinds of equipments from the legends of xian, such as firelock, bow, crossbow, spear, breastplate, pauldrons, helmet, etc.

1.2.4 A powerful weapon refining system
In the Forge, there’re optional ways to refine your equipments, such as synthesis of equipments, gem inserting, equipment enchanting, etc.

1.2.5 An interesting arena system
In the arena you can “torture” or “pacify” slaves, or “please” your master. You’ll experience the power of a master of a slave in a feudal dynasty.
Will you be a slave or master? How to defeat other players? All depend on how strong you are!

1.2.6 A complete communication system
By means of an easy-to-use trading system, a simple chat room, and an efficient mail system, you can interact with other players easily.

1.2.7 An exciting hero system
Heroes are focuses of the game! In China legends of xian, you’re not alone anymore; you can recruit mighty heroes to fight for you. The competence of your heroes decides power of your troops. Battles help upgrade your hero’s level and command. The higher command, the more soldiers a hero can lead.
Now find heroes you like and lead them to conquer the legends of xian!

1.2.8 A huge affairs management system
Buildings, technologies and trading, plus resources, levy and recruitment form a huge affairs management system:
Financial affairs: Levy, PvE and collection help acquire various resources. You can upgrade relevant Bldg and Tech to improve output and capacity. Rich resources are essential to affairs development.
Military affairs: They include development of military tech, recruitment of soldiers, and construction of defense buildings. Powerful forces are essential to your adventure in China legends of xian.
Technical affairs: You can upgrade affairs management, collection tech, military tech and backup forces to improve affairs efficiency.

☆ Highlight 1: impressive images and visual effect

Images: China legends of xian features exquisite images and brilliant visual effect elaborately designed by professional artists. To optimize player’s visual comfort, many details have been improved. No matter frame or buttons, the entire interface features a higher level of accuracy and beauty.
Items: All gems and equipments are shown with clear and exquisite pictures of proper sizes.
Maps: Based on previous coordinates, all maps are redrawn in order to demonstrate Chinese picturesque landscapes fully.

☆ Highlight 2: New music and audio effect

Advised by many players, we add euphonic background music, composed by top game musicians of the country, to the flash-based China legends of xian!
Upon entry into the registration interface, you’ll hear heavenly music of China legends of xian. While you’re creating a character, the music brings you back to the legends of xian that dates back several hundreds of years!
Background music of different styles is added to different cities: in the music, you’ll sense the property of Kaifeng, the romance of Hangzhou, the loneliness of Mobei, the vast desert of Hami, etc.
During battles, you’ll hear various exciting music of battlefields and special audio effects for enemy at the gate, state wars, maze, clan wars, etc. All of these audio effects make the game vivid and captivating!

☆ Highlight 3: A player-friendly interface

Based on player’s habits, we add keyboard shortcuts to the flash-based China legends of xian for the convenience of players; the chat room can be dragged freely and used more easily; keyboard operation is allowed for shopping; products are classified more clearly; product search is available – shopping is never so easy!
With reference to shortcuts in traditional online games and console games, we set special shortcuts for China legends of xian. As you move your mouse to a function button, you’ll see a specific shortcut.

The flash-based China legends of xian realizes a higher technical level, easier game operation, and a more stable system! More fun and surprise are inside!

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