Free Realms

Free Realms

Dec 2, 2010

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Free Realms

Customize your character: One minute, you’re a stealthy ninja fighting for your life, and the next you’re a hotshot kart driver who’s tearing up the track at terminal velocities. What comes next is completely up to you. How ’bout a postman?

Adopt a pet for your character and embark on the adventure of your life. Meet people from the four corners of the earth: Chat, fight, just have fun – do whatever you desire!

Free Realms Features
14 different jobs
Create your own character
Pick a pet for your friend
Huge virtual world of adventure
Hundreds of quests and countless mini-games
Free Realms Wallpapers & Screenshots
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Free Realms Videos

Free Realms Requirements

Pentium© IV or better
512 MB minimum, 1 GB RAM recommended
Graphics card with Vertex Shaders 1.1 minimum, GeForce 6 graphics card recommended
Free Realms Official website: www.freerealms.com

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