Maestia: The Shattered Light

Maestia: The Shattered Light

Dec 2, 2010

  • Sumo

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Overthrow evil King Keledus!

Keledus, the dark lord, came to power by stripping the once almighty goddess Ia of her powers, plummeting the MMORPG world of Maestia into a state of pure pandemonium. Now it’s your turn to rise up and take a stand – defy King Keledus.

Create and customize your own character. Unite with other players, defeat giant monsters and master challenging quests. Battle your way to the top of the rankings and become one of the 13 apostles.

Maestia Features
Four character classes
Customizable characters
Various community features
2 factions fighting against evil King Keledus
2 game worlds for PvP and PvE battles
Maestia Wallpapers & Screenshots

Maestia Videos

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