Avalon Heroes

Avalon Heroes

Dec 6, 2010

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Avalon Heroes is a tactical game and a battle game with exciting online DotA matches. In this free-to-play online RTS RPG, you can create your own Kin, master up to 100 Heroes, play together or against friends and foes for the two factions Oriens and Aeonia. Will you discover the perfect strategy for the battle game Avalon Heroes?

To play the tactical game Avalon Heroes, all you need to do is to sign up for free at alaplaya and to download the game at no cost on the website. Enter the fray with your strategy and let the battle game begin! The tactical game Avalon Heroes is inspired by DotA and powered by the eSports community. The famous Korean eSports clan WeMade FOX is also behind Avalon Heroes and fights exciting eSports battle game matches.

In the Battle Mode of Avalon Heroes, you can compete against the other faction in an exciting battle game. The tactical game part is a very important feature in the different modes of Avalon Heroes. In the Arena Mode, you need the perfect Hero strategy to beat the Legendary Mob while you are all on your own in a venturous free-to-play battle game. Gather up to eight friends and defeat the strongest boss monsters in the Adventure Mode tactical game. Relax and talk to your friends in the Plaza Mode, create a guild or upgrade your equipment to get ready for the next battle.

Avalon Heroes is a lot more than just a tactical game. Don’t miss out on the thrilling Scenario Mode battle game where you can discover the legend behind Avalon Heroes’ factions Oriens and Aeonia. Create your own Kin, collect and master all available Heroes and become a pro in the tactical game, so you won’t ever lose another match again. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the battle game Avalon Heroes has an endless amount of challenges for you. If you are new in Avalon Heroes, there’s plenty tutorials and missions you can complete before entering the fray by competing against other player in the free-to-play tactical game Avalon Heroes.

Meet the eSports pros in the tactical game Avalon Heroes on alaplaya, a completely free-to-play battle game with different modes, unique Heroes and exciting matches. Get excited when you try to destroy the base of your opponents and play the tactical game for free forever.

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Avalon Heroes Official Website: www.avalanheroes.com

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