Dec 9, 2010

  • Sumo

Enter the arena and fight against countless other gladiators!

Only the best will make it into the eternal halls of fame. It takes a lot of strength and patience to last in this battle…


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In the game Gladiatus, you will be sent back in time to the Roman Empire. You are entering the arena in numerous battles against strong opponents and you have to beat them if you want to stay alive.
Apart from these exciting and rough battles, other tasks where you can prove yourself also await you. For example, you must protect trade caravans from being attacked by bandits and highwaymen. If you successfully finish an assignment in Gladiatus, you will be rewarded with ingame money. With that money you can buy better weapons or improve your gear. You will need good equipment to survive in Gladiatus.

You will have some free time in Gladiatus as well. Anyone who works hard earns a little rest. With food and games you take your mind off the arduous battles and challenges and gain renewed strength. Only the best gladiators stand a chance in the arena of the free-to-play browser game Gladiatus. If you manage to become the best of all and win respect and honor, you can expect to enter the eternal hall of fame.

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