Dec 9, 2010

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Follow the footsteps of Alexander the Great, Odysseus, or Helen of Troy. This browser game features a stunning ancient setting and many exciting adventures…

Like its predecessors Tribal Wars and The West, Grepolis enchants with its amazing graphics and an appealing concept. The strategy and build-up game takes place in ancient Greece, and it reflects the extremely dynamic and progressive time.

In Grepolis you begin your adventure on a Greek island. There, your first task is to establish a polis (Greek for “city”). As in similar build-up games, the main focus is on expansion. Which strategy you choose is up to you alone. For example, gain control of your own island first or attack resident players. Go out to explore new islands right away or take the diplomatic route by forming alliances with your neighbors. Grepolis offers extensive opportunities for each tactic.

Each game world consists of approximately 20,000 islands – the perfect base for fierce fights on solid ground and breathtaking battles on the high seas. Therefore, a balance between ground forces and powerful fleets is an advantage in Grepolis.

Of course, the mythical world of gods also belongs to the ancient Greece. In Grepolis you meet heaven entities such as Zeus, Poseidon and Athena. You do well to pay special homage to the god that blesses you with advantages and strength.

In Grepolis there are various research institutions where you have the opportunity to explore a variety of technology levels, which gives you a great game advantage. Perhaps then you will soon become the most successful Greek the ancient world has ever seen.

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