Dec 13, 2010

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In this ancient strategy game it’s up to you to transform undeveloped land into the thriving metropolis of a mighty island empire. Use your resources wisely and increase your power…

Ikariam is an online strategy game that puts you back in ancient times. The simulation was initially created as a business and build-up simulation. There is a lot to do for you. You are active simultaneously on all fronts and you will appreciate the help of your advisors.

Gather your workers to exploit all the valuable resources of your island empire. Of course, it is also important that you build up your island, beautify it and provide for your people on the island. Once the stocks are filled, you have the opportunity to trade with other players in the free-to-play browser game Ikariam. For example, if you are lacking in a certain commodity, just trade with someone else. Advancing the technological development on your island ensures you sustainable success. In Ikariam, the academy will work on the research process under your direction.

Your business success will probably soon lead to envy. Therefore you should keep an eye on the defense of your island empire in Ikariam; otherwise, if you are under attack you will be unable to protect your belongings and property.

Ikariam follows the tradition of many successful attempts to revive the ancient world. The well designed graphics of the game are nice to look at. The game appears refreshingly modern with bright colors and was obviously made with love for geometric detail.

Ikariam Wallpapers & Screenshots

Ikariam official website: ww.ikariam.com

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