Dec 13, 2010

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Using a blend of building, economic and war strategies, this browser game takes you back to the middle ages where your mission is to build up a small settlement into a thriving mighty empire…

KingsAge is a free-to-play strategy browser game, centred in a land of knights, castles and kingdoms in the middle ages. Watch over your kingdom as it expands into a booming sovereignty. In KingsAge you start with a small, modest settlement with a small number of loyal citizens and an area of farmland. Discover the vast array of possibilities in developing your town, as you expand structures, construct new buildings and un-tap new research to help you elaborate your settlement. Focusing on your castle, you must decide how best to use the utilities you have. Do you use the castle as a centre for rigid training for your troops, as the economic core of your city, or as your own fortified palace? The more powerful your empire in KingsAge is, the more at risk you become of being attacked by envious enemy players. Highly train your troops and join forces with your allies to staunchly defend your city and wage war on other cities. Use your strategic and diplomatic skills to decide who your enemies are and who you can trust in KingsAge. Train your settlers into highly skilled soldiers, proficient in martial arts and archery. Send spies to neighbouring players’ cities to ensure they are not planning any attacks on your empire. Send your battalion to neighbouring farms to steal their precious resources. Design powerful weapons and military equipment to defeat your enemy and lead the way to victory. Trade wood, iron and ore with other players and become a powerful economic force in the land of KingsAge. Be honoured with glory and prestige as you rise to the top of the kingdom – you may even have a monument erected in your own name as a testament to your success. Become a powerful and gallant leader and make your mark on medieval history.

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