Dec 13, 2010

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MondoZoo is a free, open browser game in which you can create and run a magnificent zoo while helping endangered animals from all over the world. Enter a world with more than 200 animals to save and protect. Face up challenges and contests while increasing levels.Play Now! It's FreeMondoZoo is a game played in rounds and each round is a real day when you sign in. The player can buy or sell animals from the World Animal Foundation (WAF) or the Black Market. No need to tell you that the WAF will be hard on those players who choose to trade on the Black Market, but everyone has their own preoccupations and yours may be money. Depending on your actions, you get a good or bad reputation with the WAF, which brings good or bad events to your zoo.

Your zoo is composed of three different zones: The Mini-Farm, The Amazonian Jungle and The African Savannah. Each type of animals inhabits a single enclosure in one of these zones.

For ensuring the proper functioning of your dream park and the well being of the animals it is possible to hire different kind of employees and increase their skills with training.

Optional levels, missions and contests are available to guide your way through the game and leverage your performance. Every time you accomplish one of them you get bonus in LOL (the artificial money in the game), add some animals to your zoo or win a special prize, awarding your efforts.

As a source of additional revenue you can open shops, restaurants and many other venues, which your visitors can use while admiring your numerous animals and the magenificent zoo.

Build, run and advertise the zoo of your dreams, attract visitors and make it live now!

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