Dec 13, 2010

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NosTale is a free online role-playing game, in which you go on an exciting adventure in an immense fantasy world. Begin your trip as an adventurer, and eventually become a feared sword fighter, a skilled archer or a master of magic.Play with your friends. A lot of exciting challenges await you!Play Now! It's FreeNosTale Features:

  • Endless adventures – If you’re craving adventure, then you’ll find lots to do in NosTale.The game follows an exciting story and everything that you do in the world has an impact on the story. You can experience your adventures with other players or captured mythical creatures to become a feared warrior.
  • Individual characters – Your NosTale character has an endless array of looks to choose from to make himself into an individual and unique character. Decide yourself which skills your character should have and how he should differentiate himself from others. Find out who suits you best!

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NosTale History:

  • Power of the elements – Once upon a time, people lived as one with mystical creatures and nature in a peaceful world, created by the goddess Ancelloan. During this time folk like the Kenkos, the Koaren and the Catsy developed, who lived far away from the people of their own world. The spirits of the forest taught the inhabitants to use elemental power and soon they had obtained power over fire, water and shadows.
  • The rebellion – The people and the Kenkos, a folk living outside the town, used to live together as a peaceful community, but unfortunately the tranquillity did not last long. While the Kenko rebel due to the hard working conditions in the mines, conflicts and conspiracies are now the sign of the times. Help, brave warrior, to defy this rebellion.
  • Arrival of the adventurers – Young and inexperienced adventurers travelled from afar to the little town of NosVille to take part in a large battle. A lot of work was put into training them up in different types of battle. Some of them became masters of magic, others specialised in weaponry. These brave warriors now roam the country looking for treasures and above all, challenges.

NosTale Characters:

  • Adventurer – The Adventurer might look young and inexperienced, but looks can be very deceiving. Every new player that enters NosVille, begins as an inexperienced adventurer, but endures hard training so that he can become a hero one day. The adventurer wields his weapons full of curiosity and the passion of youth with the aim of fighting evil.
  • Swordsman – This brave warrior fights for honour and justice in battle, equipped with lethal blades. He has been trained for close combat as well as long range combat and can also use the power of elements to help him. Due to his multitude of abilities, he can take on several opponents at a time.
  • Archer – An archer is as quick as a fox and has the eyes of an eagle. Even though archers may look cold hearted and distant, they fight for nature and possess a vast amount of knowledge that they use to their advantage. Their ancient lore includes knowledge about poison and toxins and using the energy in nature. Archers use their weapons in close combat and long range combat with lethal accuracy.
  • Sorcerer – The Sorcerer can see beyond a human’s range of vision, possibly even into other worlds and dimensions. They are well versed about the power of nature and are actually very warm hearted and sensitive. In addition to offensive magic used to attack enemies, they are known to use their sorcery to heal others or even curse them.

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