Pangya – Anime Golf MMO

Pangya – Anime Golf MMO

Dec 13, 2010

  • Sumo

Pangya is an anime-style, 3D golfing MMO with multiple game modes and a large accessory shop. Play on ten unique courses, each with eighteen holes, with up to three other players, or participate in a tournament with up to thirty players at a time.

Play Now! It's FreeHow to play Pangya

The power and accuracy of a shot are determined by a meter located at the bottom of the screen, using the “three-click method”: one click to activate the meter’s bar, one click to set power, and one click to set accuracy. Clicking is either done by moving the mouse pointer over the bar and clicking, or simply pressing the space bar.

The game’s graphics are anime-influenced, and many features are derived of creative imaginations rather than realism. However, at the same time, the game is realistic enough for the most part, with various factors like wind, angle and other external factors affecting the accuracy of a shot.


  • Nuri/Scout – A young boy, who was invited by Pipin to Pangya Island after she noticed his love for the game of golf. He played golf on Earth for one year and trained for Pangya for about two months. He is the descendant of the unnamed hero of Pangya Island from Earth who fought against the Demon King. His hobbies include doing karate, playing video games, and watching action movies.
  • Hana – A young girl, who was invited by Quma to Pangya Island after she noticed her love for the game of golf. She is one of Scout’s childhood friends from Earth. Her experience with golf and Pangya is roughly the same as Scout. Like Scout, she is related to another hero who saved Pangya Island from the Demon King. She secretly has a crush on Scout. Hana subscribes to many fashion magazines and also collects a lot of hair ribbons.
  • Azer/Bob – An ex-cop, invited by Lola to Pangya Island. He is only a beginner, but brags as though he’s been playing the game for years, and often gets himself into trouble. His favorite food, which he claims gives him the power he needs for any game, is fried chicken. Despite being short tempered, he has a soft side for Cecilia. Sometimes he works out and bikes everywhere since he doesn’t have a car. His laziness, eating, and watching detective movies always make him gain more weight than he loses, though.
  • Cecilia – The first officer of Pangya Island’s naval fleet, as well as the captain of the naval battleship Silvia. She is in search for anyone to recruit to the Navy and to take down Kooh. Even though she has practiced Pangya for eight months, her skills are like no other against her crew.
  • Max– A professional tennis player from Britain who ended up on Pangya Island due to an airplane accident. He joined the Pangya tournament after hearing that the captain of the navy would be entering in the hopes of realizing his dream of being a jet fighter. Even though he only played Pangya for about a month, his nine years of tennis skills have helped him well when playing a hole. He is also interested on demon speed vehicles, mainly motorcycles.
  • Kooh– A very athletic pirate from Bartos and the captain of the Lunar Tomb ship. She is trying to find her father, who went missing after the last battle of the Demon King ten years ago. She reunited her dad’s crew after they disbanded, thinking that Kooh’s father sided with the Demon King. She is convinced that her father is innocent, and with the help of her crew she aims to prove it. Her experiences as a pirate and with weaponry have not only helped her in Pangya but also caused her to mature like an adult. Even though she’s a rough pirate, she has a very well-known habit of collecting dolls. In every Pangya game, she carries her father’s cannon with her.
  • Arin– The first female in a long line of excellent magicians on Pangya Island. She graduated from WizWiz school at the top of her class. One day, she saw Max in a tournament and fell head over heels for him. She practices Pangya all the time, in the hope that she might one day meet Max and play a round of Pangya against him. She transforms her pet dove, Hato, as a club to play and practice with. Even though she’s shy in front of Max, she actually performs better with a crowd. Besides playing Pangya and practicing sorcery, she loves to cook and wishes to cook for Max one day.
  • Kaz– A descendant of the Demon King and possessor of the power of one. He trained for fencing for about twelve years and is the best out of his clan. His clan, the Rue clan, were some of the best swordsmen on Pangya Island, but they serve the Demon King. He lost his memory due to the trauma of losing the love of his life, Karen, who sacrificed her life for his on the day that he would be the next Demon King. He can’t remember anything from the past and hoped that he could remember by joining the Pangya tournament. Alongside him during a game is the ghost of Karen.
  • Lucia– A pop idol singer of Pangya. She has many fans all over the world. Other than singing, her favorite hobby is collecting jewelry. After hearing treasures were found on the island, she went to the tournament to find the rarest gem.
  • Nell – She is the 10th character in PangYa. Little is known of her at this time, but we do know it has something to do with The Fragments of Time. She also has a cat named Pepper. The Character will be released on PangYa Global on Dec 21, 2010.
  • Cien– Once known as the dragon Concienta, she is now in human form. She is the antagonist of the series and determined to see the return of the Demon King. Cien is only playable in Pangya Fantasy Golf for the PSP version.

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