Mafia Creator game

Mafia Creator game

Dec 14, 2010

  • Sumo

Have you ever wanted to design and create your very own browser game whilst earning real money? Well now you have the chance with this special mafia-themed online game creator… you will find it here

Step into the dark realms of the mafia underworld at MafiaCreator, and design your very own RPG. Everything is yours to design and recreate, from the layout to the game features, and the rules your players must abide to. You determine how your game looks and runs – what kind of a name it has, if it’s sinister, sleek, complex or simple and what features it has.

Decide if you want your unique web game to have a news section and a forum for players to discuss your game. Spend time focusing on other features such as when the special lottery will be drawn, the sleek design of the cars your game will have and how often your player can be attacked – at MafiaCreator the power is yours! Either use one of the many diverse layouts, or opt for an upgrade to the premium account for a much wider selection.

Draw users into your game at MafiaCreator with exciting fast-paced games at the roulette tables and slot machines at the casino, heated races with stolen cars, as well as sinister criminal activities including theft and even murder. Control your game with the intuitive management system and strive to be the wealthiest, most powerful and prestigious mafia family in MafiaCreator.

MafiaCreators, a free browser RPG designed by publishers 2players, is an exciting way to test your management skills and gaming knowledge. You have the chance to earn real money – each time a player makes a purchase, a credit is given directly to you. You have the opportunity to have regular discussions with other game owners, using the unique chat system.

So get ready to design your very own prestigious mafia themed web game full of compelling casino games, speedy car races and more.

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