Jan 10, 2011

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Travian is a free to play massive multiplayer online browser game with the gameplay combining villiage building, empire management, plunder and conquest. The theme of Travian is based on the time of the Roman Empire, which has been considered an internationally accepted background. Play Now! It's FreeThe free browser-based game Travian offers three nations with different features.

Althrough Travian is free to play, it will make money by selling “Travian Plus” – or “Travian gold” accounts to players, additional features  enabled.

The player starts with one village. He or she must choose one of the three peoples Romans, Gauls and Teutons. Each race has advantages and disadvantages. Romans, for example, can make use of infrastructural advantages, Gauls, Germans, riding very fast and fight very well.

travian screenshot

Except for a main building there are no buildings at the beginning. The player can build first simple buildings in designated areas. In the course of the game, these buildings will be expanded as the productivity increases. Increasing playing time resulting in further restrictions (such as storage capacity), which must first be removed before a further stage of development is achieved.

On raw material area, the four resources wood, clay, iron and crops will be reduced which will later serve as food, building materials or further processing. The reduction is done automatically after a fixed rate per time, even if the player is not online. After removing the first building, the player can choose to continue to move, act and raid (ie fight). The choice of the other buildings and construction stages will change accordingly. After several weeks of playing time, if certain criteria are met,  players could conquer more established villages or villages of other players.

travian screenshot 2

Strategies can be very different. Aggressive (thief, conqueror) or Defensive (artisans, merchants, bakers) .
Alliances in Travian could allow for up to 60 players who join together for mutual military and economic benefits. Alliances are central to the strategy in Travian. It is very important for new players to join a powerful alliance or tibe to move faster to the top players and for advanced players to gain supremacy. Allied teammates secure the victory by giving military support and finance the construction with raw materials. Within an alliance, players can battle each other and even they can see their reports. If you want to discuss strategy and tactics, you can join the official community or other private chat rooms.

This year, in 2011, Travian will launch the Version 4 of the game. The 5 million players worldwide are waiting for this version for more than 3 years. info: (play now!)

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