Champions Online goes free to play

Champions Online goes free to play

Jan 14, 2011

  • Sumo

In my experience, free to play games, are the most expensive online games on the market. You can’t become an uber player without spending some real cash in it, or the alternative is to invest ten times the amount of time in grinding, questing, instances, farming and so on to make some coins and gather 5% per day till you reach next level. After 5 years of free to play games i decided that i better start playing p2p games …real more cheaper, better graphics, better story and amazing gameplay in comparacy with the f2p games…but this will be an idea for another post.

Here we have an p2p game that Atari and Cryptic decided to make it f2p. Champions online will go free to play on January 25,  which is great timing because Sony Online Entertainemt has just launched this week the new DC Universe Online for PC and PS3. That game, of course, requires a subscription. And with Champions Online having a few years to iterate, that puts Atari and Cryptic at an interesting advantage.

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