Jan 20, 2011

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ddtank game image1 DDTankDD Tank” is a cute multiplayer on-line casual browser game.There is no need to download, just login and play.
You can compete with different players in game. The simple keyboard operation makes interaction and PvP easier so that players can enjoy the excitement and fun.
go play1 DDTankDD Tank attracts female players most for its lovely graphs, cute and dreamy scenery, and various fashionable suits. It also gains popularity among male players for the superb special effects, skillful contest and interesting props system.
DD Tank image1 DDTankNo need to download:The first Q-version casual browser game that requires no download. Only login is needed.
Q-version lovely graphs : Cartoon style character design,fresh and lovely pictures.
Various battle modes: Enjoy the fun of either breathtaking BOSS raid or PvP competition!

ddtank screenshot 300x180 DDTank

ddtank screenshot

Music and sound effects:The first browser game with background music and sound effects in battle. Relaxing music combining with funny sound effects makes the game more lovable.
Fashionable suits:Show yourself by freely selecting from thousands of dressing style, from hat,eyes,clothes to facial expression,etc. It must be preordained to have someone look exactly like you among millions of people.

ddtank fight screenshot 300x173 DDTank

ddtank fight screenshot

Superb special effects:Different weapons have different attack effects. You may like using a stone age “zax”, or a modern”cannon”,or even a ultra modern “light gun”!Diversified costumes and items in shopping mall can let you display your personal charm and enjoy countless hours of fun.

Official DDTank website www.ddtank.aeriagames.com

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