Uncharted Waters Online – UWO

Uncharted Waters Online – UWO

Jan 20, 2011

  • Sumo

Uncharted Waters Online is a MMROPG set within several timeliness during the Age of Exploration as a romantic and historic fictional account of the era.Play Now! It's FreePlayers will live and play real world of 15th century to make their own history. Players may choose from among 6 nation-
alities: England, Dutch Republic, Ancien Régime in France, Spanish Empire, Kingdom of Portugal, and Republic of Venice.

As well the player may choose from several occupations after choosing a basic class: adventurer, merchant, and soldier. Players are able to trade, explore, battle and join in live events such as “Great Sea Fights“.Uncharted Waters Online – Game Story:

In the year 1453 AD, Constantinople, the capital of Byzantium Empire, was taken. The people of the Christian empire were terrified of the Turk’s formidable military prowess and at the same time disappointed that they lost their only passage for Eastern trading.

Meanwhile opposite the Eastern European region no longer the superpower it once was far to the West the Iberia Peninsula celebrated the birth of a new military state called Spain, a result of revolution. Hand in hand with Portugal she immediately launched a campaign of utmost importance-defeating the Muslim forces.

Flag ship Portugal was forced to explore new routes around the African continent pressured by the legendary Christian Empire on the East and Muslim powers. Direct trade with India was of utmost importance. Spain was also determined to find new ways to the East far beyond the Atlantic Ocean entrusting Christopher Columbus for the task.

To the East before anyone else! The era of passionate adventurers and great navigators is dawning upon you.

Uncharted Waters Online (UWO) Features:

LIVE THE AGE OF EXPLORATION. No more hack & slash tedious gameplay. Be the first one to find uncovered ancient historic places and artifacts. You can become a Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, or Pirate Drake.

UWO explore ancient places

MORE THAN 3 YEARS OF PLAYTIME. Guarantee more than 3 years of playtime even you are a extremely hardcore gamer with endless places to visit, people to meet, things to explore, and more. There are thousands of artworks, artifacts, regional special products, and discoveries.

UWO - thousands of artworks, artifacts and discoveries.

HUNDREDS OF GAME OBJECTIVES. More than 75 professions and more than 100 skills to master. It is not just becoming a strongest player in the server. You can also change one profession to another anytime. Get back to original gameplay of exploring new place, cooperating or fighting with other players.  Work hard to become a Maestro of certain skil.

UWO 75 professions

SAIL WITH HISTORICAL SHIPS. Buy or build your ships such as Hansa cog, Baltic galleon, Spanish carrack, Turkish galley, and English frigate. Upgrade, enhance, modify, and decorate your ships with thousands of items.

UWO Buy or build your historical ships

STRENGTHEN YOUR NATION TO CONQUER THE WORLD. There are hundreds of neutral cities to conquer to take advantage in economy and politics. Investing lot of gold into the city is one way to increase you nation influence. Or just fight with current possessing nation to conquer back a city.

UWO, map, detailed maps

JOIN 100 VS 100 PVP SEAFIGHT. More than 200 ships engage in a ship battle to take over possession of cities.


OWN YOUR APARTMENT AND YOUR ISLAND (FARM). Buy an apartment in you city and decorate with furnitures and artworks that you like. Invite your friends and guild members to chat and play together. Find an unoccupied island and build your own farm to grow fruits and raise pigs.


IN-GAME LIVE EVENTS. Several systematic in-game events are run regularly. Special event will occur with GMs in the game.
Enjoy fireworks at summer night in Venice with your friends.

UWO in-game live events

SOPHISTICATED ECONOMY SYSTEM Economy system in Uncharted Waters Online is very similar to real life. Trading goods, investment, relationship with politics are involved. There is no fix profit. Economy will fluctuate time to time with supply and demand of of good. Tax and customs are applied to the game. Reduce tax by conquering cities. Hundreds of ways to earn money and thousands of silk roads and spice routes.

OTHER KEY FEATURES. A lot more features are ready in the game such as academic contest, poker game and more.

Official website Uncharted Waters Online to Go Play Now www.netmarble.com/uwo

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