Feb 1, 2011

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Batheo is a 2D browser based strategy game where players command armies and manage cities. Set in Ancient Greece, Batheo allows users to train & equip heroes, battle against AI opponents, and form leagues with other players for large scale wars. Batheo has plenty of interesting features for players to explore.

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Batheo Story

Hades, the insatiable God of the Underworld, who is unpleased with his limited domination incites the other gods into fighting each other on earth, turning the earth into a chaotic havoc…

You, as a hero of this land, are destined to wake the manipulated gods from lies and deceptions and call on them to join you to rise up against Hades. In the mean time, the other gods led by Zeus, Poseidon and Athena split into three factions with smoldering hatred and hostility among them. You now have to choose one …

Batheo Features

Map-based Narrative is one of Batheo’s original designs in which gamers need to accomplish all the challenges from one particular Map before moving to the next. Every map contains an array of legendary NPC heroes that have to be defeated in pre-set orders so that gamers can strengthen their characters during the narrative, and prepare themselves for tougher challenges waiting in subsequent Maps. It also allows gamers to recruit these heroes after defeating them, and offers Laurels as battle rewards which can later be used in upgrading Technology and your hero rank.

Customizable Battle Formations

Batheo offers 8 historical formations (Testudo, Lochoi, Crescent, etc.) for you to choose from with each having its own pros and cons.
Gamers have to strategically deploy troop units taking different roles in a particular formation as ‘massive flesh shield’, damage dealer, inspirationer or healer to optimize its performance in battle. Judge the hour and size up the situation in battles, choose the right formation is the key to victory, especially when you are faced with enemies that outrank your troops.

Team up Your Choice of Hero Combination

As you defeat enemy legions, you may want to recruit heroes from these defeated legions. You can join Zeusian, or Athenian, or Poseidonian upon the defeat of Perseus at the beginning of the game. Thereafter, you can also gain heroes by raising your Prestige. The higher your Prestige, the better heroes you can get

Attribute Wash

Attribute Wash can improve heroes’ original attributes and thus battle skills. It is accessible to the newly recruited heroes. More Attribute Wash modes will be available for VIPs.

Various Equipments

In Batheo, you can choose your own armors, weapons, horses and troops. You may also arrange them differently to make them most effective. The colors of the equipments, listed as white, blue, green, yellow, red and purple, represent different qualities ranging from average to top quality. In addition, you can enhance your equipments to improve their strengths.

Training Ground

In Training Ground, you can buy more Training Space for your heroes who can be trained offline through different training modes. Having enough Laurels and applying them to activate Fast Track mode will let you save even more time in upgrading your heroes! A VIP can train heroes 24/7 while a regular member does not have such privilege. Furthermore, you can send your heroes to battlefields even when they are still being trained!

Spectacular League Battles for Prestige and Glory

Every night at 7:15PM server time, each league leader can lead his league members to attack or defense those large farmlands located in World Map. Whoever seizes a farmland can collect large amounts of crops for FREE!

Now take your bravest heroes and join the Farmland Wrestle. Don’t worry about being outnumbered as the number of soldiers is not everything when it comes to winning a Farmland Wrestle.

Usually, league leaders will send out the relatively weaker troops to test the strength of the enemies. Don’t feel upset if you are sent out first. Just make sure your blood won’t shed in vain.

You can tip the follow-up troops with the information you gather on the enemies such as types of heroes, size of the troops and the formation of the enemies. Nonetheless, your primary duty is to kill as many enemies as you can!

Sometimes league leaders may send the weaker troops to battle the strongest troops of enemies. After certain successive victories of their strongest troops, they have to leave the battlefield, that’s when our troops defeat the rest leaderless enemies!

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