Feb 7, 2011

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00 noscale1 300x187 Inversion

Inversion is an upcoming third-person shooter that will be available early next year. The name of the game comes from the ability that you have to control the gravitation in particular areas; that meaning you will be flying enemies up and down …especially the  ones that knows how to take cover real good and they won’t come out. Well it’s not a thing that we’ve not seen in games but is interesting…especially when this guys (Sabre Games) created Timeshift, where you had the ability to manipulate time. I really enjoyed this twist in  Timeshift, and looking at the screens of Inversion i think i will enjoy this one to…

Another cool feature that worth mentioning is that this game can be finished in co-op offline…it works something like “Army of two”; if u don’t have a friend with whom you’re willing to share the excitement, then the AI  will take his place.

We just have to wait for 2012 to be able to throw gravity blows and make people and the environment flow up in the sky  …

I really like this games where you can totally smash the environment…really cool feature…

Take a look at the screens and at the brief trailer that Sabre Games released!

01 noscale 293x300 Inversion

02 noscale 300x275 Inversion

3 noscale 300x187 Inversion

04 noscale 300x224 Inversion

05 noscale 300x222 Inversion

06 noscale 300x169 Inversion

6 noscale 300x168 Inversion

7 noscale 300x168 Inversion

8 noscale 300x187 Inversion

13 noscale 300x187 Inversion

Concept Shared 02 noscale 300x187 Inversion

222 noscale 300x187 Inversion

100 noscale 300x187 Inversion

021 noscale 300x187 Inversion

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