Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – DaVinci Disappeareance

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood –  DaVinci Disappeareance

Feb 18, 2011

  • Sumo

Great news for Assassin’s Creed fans. The guys from Ubisoft just released a trailer for the new upcoming DLC for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood called DaVinci Disappearance. DaVinci Disappearance will be available for PSN and Xbox Live starting March 8 at the price of 9.99$ . Here are some of the features available with this DLC.


  • 8 new missions
  • 2 new locations
  • 2 gameplay features
  • 10 achievements


  • 2 game modes (“Escort,” which has two teams of four players protecting a VIP target (and trying to kill the VIPs on opposing teams) and a ten-minute, six- to eight-player deathmatch-style game called “Asassinate.”)
  • 1 map (Alhambra, a “lush environment set in Spain’s Albaicin of Granada”)
  • 4 characters (Dama Rossa, the Knight, the Marquis, and the Pariah)

Check the trailer and the screens for DaVinci Disappearance …

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