We Dare canceled in the U.K.

We Dare canceled in the U.K.

Mar 12, 2011

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wedarewii 210x300 We Dare canceled in the U.K.

Wait, what? Canceled in the UK? Why just the UK and not the whole world?

Indeed,  you still can find this (so called) game in Europe (except for the UK)…Ubisoft will not launch this for now in US and UK, and for good reasons to…my question is why bother launch it at all. Besides some horny teenagers (that they believe this will get them laid) nobody will invest money in this…anyway for the ones new to the story i’m posting also the trailer…of the “12+” years rated game.

Oh…searching the youtube for the official “We Dare” trailer i found a kind of funny video called “The Original We Dare” (not entirely safe for work). So check the second video also…



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