Atari announced to be the publisher for T.E.R.A

Atari announced to be the publisher for T.E.R.A

Mar 17, 2011

  • Sumo


When it comes to upcoming MMO’s, there are two titles that take the lead of the flock this year…these two titles are T.E.R.A and Guild Wars 2, closely followed by SWKOTOR. So if you’re a real mmo gamer you should save some money, because these titles will certainly make your wallet a little bit lighter and you will be happy about it.

TERA is being developed by Bluehole Studio and co-produced and published by En Masse Entertainment. Atari will retain exclusive distribution rights in North America.

So ,Atari, the veteran game company, will handle the publishing for this beauty in North America…not a bad choice in my opinion.


“We put a lot of focus on finding the right company to distribute TERA in North America, and Atari emerged as a leader with an emphasis on high-quality online titles,” said Chris Lee, Publishing VP of En Masse Entertainment. “Their strong distribution network, culturally iconic brand, and passion for what makes TERA a uniquely compelling game make them the right distributor for this launch.”



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