Battlestar Galactica Online…the blockbuster MMO from Bigpoint

Battlestar Galactica Online…the blockbuster MMO from Bigpoint

Mar 24, 2011

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Chief operating officer, Nils-Hulger Henning has said Battlestar Galactica Online is shaping up as a €1 million per month earner.

In an recent interview with Games Industry he told that Battlestar Galactica Online had “a better start than we had with anything, ever”.

He continues : “A blockbuster is a game that has €1 million-plus monthly revenue potential.”

“It’s the best start we’ve ever had with a game in Bigpoint’s history,” he reiterated. “And not because we’ve been putting so much marketing behind it, but because the community has been driving it”.

“The feedback we’ve had, the activity inside of the game – from the user behaviour – shows us that we’re building one of the next blockbusters in Bigpoint’s portfolio,” he said. “We think it has a bigger potential than every other game in our portfolio, taken individually.”

Currently in open beta, Battlestar Galactica Online is expected to launch in the next few months.

[via VG247]

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