MK9: Kratos Movelist, Combos and Fatalities

MK9: Kratos Movelist, Combos and Fatalities

Apr 21, 2011

  • Sumo


Thanks to Us Playstation Blog we have here a complete move list, some Kratos combos and his two fatalities. You have to admit, Kratos suits like a glove to the Mk gameplay…

Anyway , here is the movelist:


Head of Helios: Down, Back, Triangle

  • Notes: Stuns enemies, easily chained into combos, Enhanced version adds extra damage
  • Apollo’s Bow: Down, Forward, Triangle

  • Notes: Fires two projectiles, Enhanced version fires three
  • Zeus Rage: Down, Forward, X

  • Notes: Follow the button prompts to complete, Enhanced version adds third hit
  • Golden Fleece: Down, Back, Square

  • Notes: Parries incoming attacks, triggers counterattack, redirects projectiles
  • Hermes Dash: Back, Forward, Circle

  • Notes: Can be charged up for extra damage, will hit airborne enemies

    Mortal Kombat 9 Kratos



    Blade of Olympus: Down, Down, Back, Forward, Triangle (sweep distance)

    Medusa’s Gaze: Down, Back, Down, Forward, Square (jump distance)


    Mortal Kombat 9 Kratos


    Forward + Triangle, Helios Head, Pandora’s Soul (Forward + Circle, Back + hold Triangle), Olympic Toss (Circle in mid-air)
    6 hits, 39% Damage

  • Note: Many of Kratos’s basic blade combos can linked into the Helios Head and even more follow-up attacks. Experiment!
  • “Zeus Pounce”
    Jump kick, Enhanced Zeus Wrath (Down, Forward, X + R2)
    5 hits, 23% Damage

  • Note: Kick just before you hit ground to get the best positioning.
  • “This is Sparta!”
    Circle, Helios Head, Enhanced Hermes Dash (Back, Forward, Circle + R2)
    3 hits, 23% Damage

  • Note: Kratos’ Circle kick leaves a perfect opening for several follow-up special attacks, including his Cestus X-ray attack.
  • “Sun and Moon”
    Jump punch, Athena’s Fury (Triangle, Square, Triangle), Apollo’s Bow
    6 hits, 20% Damage

  • Note: Enter the command for Apollo’s Bow quickly, before Kratos lands the last hit of Athena’s Fury.
  • Mortal Kombat 9 Kratos


    [thanks US Playstation Blog]

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