Top 5 Free Games For Girls

Top 5 Free Games For Girls

Mar 6, 2019

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Which women doesn’t love shopping? With Covet Fashion you can embrace your passion for shopping. This is a top fashion game, where you can show your special style and skills in creating the most amazing outfits with real brands. I was really drawn by this game because in real life I always felt like i didn’t shop as much as i wanted to and also i didn’t show of my outfits ideas enough.


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If you like to explore and create your own environment then Minecraft is the game for you. In Minecraft no one tells you what to do and that gives you freedom to do whatever you want, and spend the time as you wish.
You have a lot activities, like exploring places, crafting, combat and resource gathering.

3. Assassin’s Creed

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A top game that is always in the spotlight and very appreciated by girls is Assassin’s Creed, an action-adventure game. A game that recreates the image of a historical reality, a game that gives you the opportunity to fight and promote your fighting talents, a game that truly challenges your skill in limit situations.


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Candy Crush is one of the most popular and fun addictive game, once you started playing you can’t stop, just like candy. Candy Crush Saga is a powerful, casual game which has spawned copycats along with two matches. The game is straightforward, which makes it a on people’s iPhones and iPads.

5. Tomb Raider

Whether you are playing for the puzzles, the quest, or even the battle, Shadow of the Tomb Raider delivers – with a scalable difficulty. It gets the character feel real in a medium in, although her assurance does falter along with her strength fails .

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