Mythos Europe

Mythos Europe

Feb 22, 2011

  • Sumo

Mythos Europe is an online role-playing game that successfully integrated the “Hack’n’Slash” formula. Mythos game is a virtual fantasy world based on a comic book-style atmosphere where the players have to hunt lots of monsters in different dungeons. The game ofers PvP battles for players to compete with each other.

Play Now! It's FreeMythos Game story:

Long ago, four races formed an alliance based on a promise of peace and cooperation – the Cyclops, the Humans, the Gremlins, and the Satyrs. Nevertheless, possessed by greed, a group of Human mercenaries cruelly attacked the Cyclops village and razed it to the ground in their efforts to steal a mysterious green gem: the eye of Crom the Cyclops. After their bloody victory, the human mercenaries proceeded further into Evergreen Pasture, using the gem’s power to wreak even more havoc.
Little did they know, one brave Cyclops survived the onslaught. He grieved for the once strong alliance, which had been so flagrantly betrayed. Consumed with sorrow and driven by an unquenchable thirst for revenge, he is now determined to hunt down the human mercenaries and avenge the honor of the alliance.

Mythos Classes:

mythos europe classes races

  • Pyromancer – Very gifted and master in the fire element, the Pyromancer have powerful spells and is a master of long range attacks. Has the ability to enchant weapons and spawn protective shields, makes him able to fight face to face. Another expertise of him is the ability to summon powerful elemental minions to aid him in battle.   The Pyromancer has three skill trees: Cinderblade, Flamecaster and Coalsmasher.
  • Bloodletter – Is a great opponent due to his endemic expertise of melee combat and could damage multiple enemies at once because of his powerful short range attack skills.  The Bloodletter skill tree is: Crimsonate, Martialist and Red Hand.
  • Gadgeteer – Is the master of rifles and has the ability to improve them. The Gadgeteer uses the power of technology to fight his enemies, is able to construct bombs, drones and traps. The skill tree of Gadgeteer is made of: Marksman, Grenadier and Tinkerer.

Mythos Races:

  • Human – have diplomatic abilities, a 20% fire resistance and health bonus;
  • Gremlin – are craftsmen with 20% electrical resistance and a hit bonus;
  • Satyr – is an ancient race with 20% poison resistance and a mana bonus;
  • Cyclops – have an impressive stature, a 20% ice resistance and defense bonus.

Official Mythos Europe website: (Go play! Take your Beta Key Free)


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