T.E.R.A. Political System Details

A few days ago i posted an article about the update that will hit T.E.R.A. (KR) on 17 march. Today, NHN has specially posted a complete introduction to TERA’s political system.

As i sad in the last article regarding this political system, this update it’s all about electing a leader of your territory for the next three weeks. The Lord could be elected by vote or through battlefield duels.

Tera’s political system has several phases:

  • candidate application,
  • fair competition,
  • lord election,
  • power centralization.

Candidate Application

NHN will publish an announcement and notify all players in the form of mails attached with lord selection invitations.

The following requirements are needed in order to be an eligible candidate.

  • Level 3+ guild level
  • Level 50+ character level
  • 100 medals and 30 million Gold
  • No repeated registrations.

After receiving NHN email, the eligible players will have 24 hours to find the Registration Management NPC and sign up.

Fair Competition & Lord Election
The Fair Competition Phase will last for 6 days, time needed for every player to vote for the Lord he desires.

Every player can only cast one vote (The system will give each voter one bottle of durative healing potion automatically).

For the Duel Mode Election, each candidate must fight the other candidates in order to win victory points. The one that wins the most victory points will be proclaimed lord.

Lord Power
Lords’ Privileges:

  • Lords can freely use the “Lord Loudspeaker” to communicate with players under their dominance.
  • Lords and their guild mates will acquire the “White Horse” skill.
  • Lords can exercise powers with the help of NPCs in the city.
  • Lords have the right to issue specific policies at the cost of Policy Points, which can be spent during their reign. The system will give 1,000 Policy Points to each lord in the beginning. Moreover, lords can earn such points by means of completing quests.

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