T.E.R.A. (Kr) will introduce a political system

Tera (Kr) will get an update named “Arousal that will be available on March 17. I’m gonna try to bee short and make a list o all the upgrades and features that this update will provide. Here they are:

  • 10 hunting areas that were initially build for group hunting will become accessible for solo play ;
  • Priest Class will get new attack skills and enhancing of the  existing skills;
  • Elementalist will get his  relevant stats and certain skills strengthened;
  • The long waited political system will be introduce with this update. That meaning that players can vote for their territory lords and can also sign up as the first lord candidates. Once one Lord is selected by vote he will hold his office for 3 weeks, time in which he can exercise his exclusive power. There are around 10 territories on each server.

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