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We present you the game PC: World of Warcraft, which became especially popular after last updates

After the famous PC Warcraft III game: The Frozen Throne, Blizzard Entertenmaint has developed the Warcraft game titled World of Warcraft. He comes out in America from November 2004. This MMORPG type game is currently at its sixth extension. From a context, World of Warcraft or Wow point of view recounts the continuation of history four after the final Warcraft III event. In wow each player can choose her quest, the possibilities are endless.

The characteristics of the game World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft takes place in the imaginary world of Azeroth, four years after the end of Warcraft III. A player can choose between two factions including the alliance and the horde. At the alliance one must still select a character among a human, a dwarf, a gnome, or an elf of the night. Similarly for the Horde, a participant can embody an orc, a troll, a Tauren or a dead-living.

In addition to the race and the character, World of Warcraft offers to choose between nine classes such as a warrior, a mage, a thief, a priest, a hunter, a druid, a shaman, a scream or a paladin. Also, each participant embodies a specific character by his profession. Various profession proceeds to players like engineering, forge, jewelery or herbalist.

There are also typical heroes of the Warcraft saga including Archimonde and Thrall.

World of Warcraft: a limitless adventure game
World of Warcraft is necessarily played online. Just register for free on its official website to get ten days of demo. If you enjoy playing it, a monthly payment becomes mandatory. No need for a high-performance PC to benefit from this game because only 256 MB of RAM with 4 GB of disk space can be compatible.

In this game Genre MMORPG or a massively multiplayer online role play, we can not define the end of this or that part. The goal of the game is to gain experience as quests and fighting to make its character formidly. A faction comprising several experienced heroes can easily win battles.

Unlike other game of this kind, the goal is not always to eliminate its opponent. During the adventure, it is more fun to sell objects to merchants or the auction room or to assist his team in the flag capture challenges, to participate in battles between the two camps.

Several updates since its release in 2004
At each new extension, Blizzard introduces new characters. In January 2007, the first extension named The Burning Crusade adds the blood elves for the Horde and the Draenei for the Alliance.

The levels to be achieved also increase for each extension. At the beginning a player had to reach a maximum level of 60. Currently, in the last extension entitled “Legion” revealed on August 30, 2016 this maximum level goes up to 110.

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