Darksiders 2 – The release date and new images

Finally, Darksiders 2 has an exact launch date. Although I knew that it would launch sometime in June 2012, I did not know the exact date yet, but the company THQ has recently announced that the U.S. is June 26 and June 29 in Europe.

The title will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. There will be a Wii version of U, which is currently under development and not yet have a release date.

THQ also announced bonuses that come with pre-orders, but they depend on the store where people buy the game. GameStop Store receiving package ‘Death Rides’ as a bonus, Best Buy gets ‘Angel of Death’ and those who buy from Amazon will receive ‘Deadly Despair’.

Package ‘Death Rides’ will contain multiple side quests allowing players to explore more of Marker’s Realm and Dead Plains. In addition, players will be able to help develop an ancient building, in the battle with The Bloodless and to recover lost treasure of Karn.

Package ‘Angel of Death’ will contain both an improved armor modeled in the form of an angel, and a pair of sewing. In addition, players will get the opportunity to see the route purple crow flying companion.

Package ‘Deadly Despair’ will contain a very fast horse, which allows players to traverse the game world faster.

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