The hot girls from TERA Online

TERA: The Game

TERA is a fast-paced action MMORPG set in a breathtaking world conjured by two dreaming primal gods. Your explorations will take you over rugged mountains, across searing deserts, and through hazardous jungles. Take your place as a soldier for the Valkyon Federation and fight alongside other races to forge a new future while healing the mistakes of the past.

TERA combines lush graphics with an immersive, engaging combat system in a world rich in dramatic story and lore. There’s no time for factions in TERA—all seven races and eight classes must work together to wrench destiny from the gods themselves! Arm yourself, gather your allies, and take control of your fate. Fighting prowess, guild rankings, and social dynamics come together as you find yourself vying for political control of the world itself in TERA‘s unique endgame.

That’s your future, and it starts with a mysterious island risen up from the sea, covered with strange ruins and creatures. An expedition is sent to unlock its secrets, only to be slaughtered by the island’s guardians. The Federation is hastily assembling another force. Are you ready to take the field, shoulder to shoulder, and seize your destiny?

This is the official description of this long awaited game…but this article it’s not about that…it’s about the awesome looking female characters that will make most of the gamers buy this thing…don’t tell me you don’t find them good looking…

We all know that the sexual factor is a good seller…we saw that in most of the game wallpapers…but for this game will be the main reason why people will buy this game…the good looking half naked chicks.

If you don’t believe me or you don’t know what this game is all about i will post some pics and some videos so i could make myself more understandable.

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