Angry Birds migrate in space

There is no secret: Rovio scored with Angry Birds , originally released IOS game (and later for all platforms, from Android phones and tablets, through the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3 and reaching versions that run on Facebook or through browser Google Chrome ) recorded hundreds of millions of downloads.

Although the initial launch date has been given numerous updates and an adapted version of the animated film Rio, none of them had more content enough to be considered a true sequel. Rovio is going to correct this deficiency, announcing Angry Birds Space, a sequel in the true sense, expected on March 22, 2012.

As its name implies, Angry Birds will move Space action in space, and, although not offered details about this new game, fundamental changes are expected to work on how physical (zero gravity, “Lightspeed destruction” etc..). Rovio has avoided to mention what platforms will appear Space Angry Birds, but promises a highly complex launch, the game will be accompanied by all sorts of promotional products (cartoons, toys, etc..).

In fact, so you can see how much effort was invested in developing and promoting new Rovio Angry Birds Space is enough to mention two of their most important partners: NASA and National Geographic.

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